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NLP Business Practitioner

Application of NLP to the world of Business for Super High Performance.

NLPBusiness Practitioner helps to apply powerful NLP techniques to their everyday business interactions and increase performance and productivity like a Magic.
This is an intensive workshop on NLP specifically targeted to business practices. Participants will experience and gain insights about themselves and how they operate from a Neurological(Thinking) and communicative(Communication) perspective.


  Employees both Entry level and Experienced
  Managers of a Team

  Team Leaders
  Individuals in supervisory role
  And anyone who likes to improve and take their performance to the next level
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  Create and maintain emotional strength to get into a position of power
  Learn to respect both the body and mind and its impact on personal and professional success
  Coach yourself and others to realise the true potential
  Create and maintain rapport with colleagues
  Create and maintain an internal calm state to face situations in business
  Communicate openly and clearly
  Identify and articulate what motivates to operate in peak performance states
  Anchor key emotional states to access whenever needed
  Provide solid and actionable feedback in all possible scenarios


  Our Approach is highly experiential where powerful experiences is created for the participants
  Mode of Session Delivery is activity based
  New Experiences is created for all the learning outcomes
  Participants get new experiences than a mere training content
  Also participants can use their past experience and make use of them for their current learning


The program can be customized and delivered anywhere between 6 days to 10 days depending on the needs of the Client


This program leads to certification through Sue Knight Books & Talks, UK

Sueknight - Nlp Certificate Training Coimbatore


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18/56, Pasumpon Nagar,
Irugur, Coimbatore - 641103

Tamil Nadu

Programmee info

Name: Sakthivel.P

Phone: +91 77080 60121


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