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Sakthivel - Nlp Trainer Coimbatore

I'm Shakthi a.k.a (SP/Sakthivel P). And I am the proud but content Founder of this revolution called Neurospace. To say more about me, I have many hats and credentials under my belt, but the best title that truly represents me is "A Human being" who lets and supports fellow human being in this planet to BE Human and Thrive.


  For those serious decision makers, here are my credentials, More than 16 years of Experience in IT, Education, Entrepreneurship & many more.
        I am a Professional member of ANLP - UK, a Global authority for NLP
  I am certified in NLP at the Highest level by One of NLP's earliest adopters and current champion named Sue Knight, from UK
        I am a Dan 2 Martial Artist practising Kung Fu & Tai Chi
  I am certified in TaiChi by Institute of Integral QiGong & Tai Chi, United States
        The list goes on for, at least another few more.

My Educational Background

I studied engineering in Computer Science from Anna University, Chennai and MBA in Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. And I am a life long Researcher in various areas but primarily in areas of Marketing & NLP and how it enhances Humanity as a Whole.

My Hobbies

Anything that enhances human experience but I prefer Passionately Reading Books, Martial arts, Binge Movie & TV Series experiencing, etc.

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Reach Us

18/56, Pasumpon Nagar,
Irugur, Coimbatore - 641103

Tamil Nadu

Programme info

Name: Sakthivel.P

Phone: +91 77080 60121


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