Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

  Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both martial arts and its health benefits.
  Tai Chi is also popularly known as Meditation in Motion. When performing Tai Chi the movements are done in a relaxed manner which looks like meditation while moving slowly and rhythmically.
  At the heart of Tai Chi is Chi (Qi), which is the essential life force of every living being. Practice of Tai Chi improves this essential life force.

What is Tai Chi Easy™?

Tai Chi Easy™ is a carefully developed approach of Tai Chi that makes learning Tai Chi fun, easy and beneficial right away.

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Improved Concentration

Practice of Tai chi improves the sensory awareness of an individual which in turn improves the concentration of the practitioner

Improved Fitness levels

Practicing Tai Chi hugely impacts the fitness levels of the practitioner. Improved fitness levels further improves the performance at work and home of the practitioner

Can delay Aging and prolong life

Since Tai Chi works with the Life force of the practitioner, this can greatly reduce the aging process and thus prolong the life time of the practitioner

Reduce Stress

Through regular practice of Tai Chi, one can better deal with stress and improve quality of their life. Practitioners learn to move the energy in a way that doesn’t continue to feed cycles of negative thoughts and feelings.


Tai Chi programs can be arranged for corporate companies, institutions and business organizations depending upon their specific needs and requirements. Further Tai Chi program can be delivered in following ways,

  1 hour program
  Half a day(3 hours) program
  Full day Tai Chi session(6 hours)


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