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Are you a business owner facing challenges in many areas of your business? It could be because of your existing mind set and mental patterns. Your mind is reflecting in every part of your business. So just by fixing your mental patterns your business performance can improve immediately in just a few weeks’ time instead of years of facing these same challenges.

Some of the key challenges faced by Business owners are,

  • Maintaining the energy (both physical and mental energy) throughout the day

  • Having doubts about self while facing people

  • Low confidence while facing customers, vendors, employees etc.

  • Struggling to speaking with people to get the work done

  • Difficulty in Negotiating with vendors and customers for the differences that arise

  • Hard Maintaining your emotional state such as Confidence or Clarity at very important times

  • Not able to persuade people to get things done and so on

If you are answering yes to any of the above, then this coaching can transform your business life immediately.

Join this one on one business coaching where the above could be easily fixed in just a few weeks’ time rather spending your lifetime with the above problems.

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My Credentials

My Name is Sakthivel P, And I am the Founder of Neurospace and below
are some of my credentials.


Founder, Neurospace

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Mr. S.Muthu Rakkappan Branch Manager, Customer Support

"Excellent Coach"

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"Very Practical"

Mr. Rama Krishnan S Sales Manager

"Influencing people with their way and our expectations"

Ms. Sajana Jain Entrepreneur

"Clear, Logical, empathetic & friendly. Activity based learning impressed me"

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