NLP is the study of your experience. More specifically it’s the Study of your mind space and your language to create strategies of success in your life

With NLP, you can gain a better understanding of yourself, what works for you, and what needs to be changed in order to achieve what you want in your Life

Attending NLP Practitioner program will equip you with most of the techniques available in NLP. And the best part is you will get an experience of all the NLP techniques, so you can start using them in your life immediately after the training.

NLP helps you to perform better at work by learning your strengths, which you can capitalize and the areas that you need to work on, to increase your performance.

You can start your NLP journey with a Level 1 Foundation Program.

Since you gain a better understanding of yourself through NLP, you make better decisions in your Business; also you can design specific strategies to improve your business with NLP.

Please check the respective program for the price and the latest offers available as well.

Yes, for all core NLP programs, you will be certified, provided you meet the criteria for Certification.

NLP Certification gives a valuable recognition both at workplace, as well as in the open market across the globe.

Any individual aged 15 and above can learn NLP at this level.

Leadership is mostly about working with the unknown and achieve the outcomes. NLP has a set of very specific skills that will be an excellent framework for the leadership team to lead.

Management is mainly about understanding and building rapport with the Stakeholders. And NLP can help you achieve the above very elegantly with its techniques.

You have to complete Level 1 Foundation, Level 2 Practitioner, Level 3 Master Practitioner and Level 4 Trainer in the same order for you to become a Trainer and train others in NLP.

First, do a little research about the trainer who offers the training, check out details like his experience in the field of NLP, his associations within the NLP community. Then have a conversation with the trainer to better understand how the training can specifically support you and your needs.


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